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Four Seasons
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I manage two accommodations in different European’s countries. In Switzerland I manage a studio in canton Valais and the second one in Greece Messenia.

Obviously, there are many differences between the countries :) language, mentality and cultural codes. Currency, infrastructures, geographic location, clime and local time etc.

Yet, there is one common nice point which I find most beautiful - the weather. You are invited to stay awhile at one of my property any time you wish and enjoy good weather year-round.

Each season is plentiful of its nature. Autumn and spring have nice colors of the nature and are very calm with no tourists’ crowds.

Winter and summer in Switzerland are wonderful for hiking in the mountains, shut off your phone and just breathe in the Alps air. Greece is mostly familiar with sea and sunny days in summer. But you enjoy sunny days in the summer as well in the winter. The winter has its beauty!

I warmly recommend to visit south Greece in the winter which has around 15 degrees over the day. Stroll the beach, the sea has a nice look, trek among the wild-flowers on green carpets of grass. Such a beautiful view appears in Winter only.

My accommodation suits for four seasons.