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My lifestyle is quite different from that of most people. I used to get remarks and a wondering which show that the way I choose to do lots of things is most unlike the general trend in the world. It is the same in my shop.

My products are a hundred percent handmade. Each piece of jewelry and every knitted handcraft in my shop is created with great care and the best quality of materials. But above all, each of my products is unique and absolutely not trendy. Should you like to have a gift with personality / a personal gift, something that is not mainstream, you are invited to visit my Geranium Gift web-shop.

Here you may find a nice present which makes no attempt to imitate other styles or to be popular. My own little enterprise is like my lifestyle; whether you like it or not, is up to you. If you are looking for a special product, unique and “unfashionable” (that is, not mainstream), then you can find your gift here. All along the way you will have my personal service, from the first step of the order and up to the moment when you get your gift and get to open it.

The remarks I often receive may be concerning the way I do my housekeeping, maintaining a sparkling clean home despite having with no dryer nor dishwasher; or the fact that I have no television at home; or compliments I receive for the way my children were raised.