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Visiting this website you are probably curious about the combination of services offered: from apartment rental to jewelry and other hand-made gifts – a completely private endeavor of my own.

A trip to Africa ignited in me the will to draw with pen and paper. Small, seemingly insignificant sights of flowers or a butterfly’s wings inspire me to purchase jewelry the way I imagine it.

I looked for a professional that would help me bring my imagination to life. I was cheated and failed three times to find the right person for the task. After a tenmonths-long search I was ready to give up, when by mere chance I finally found the right person. A full year afterwards this person and I have a strong connection. Every piece of jewelry I design is unique and is crafted by a professional with 32 years of experience. The quality of work, materials used, and the commitment of the jeweler and myself to provide you with the best experience we can.

My inspiration enables me to draw an object only once. For this reason, I create one new piece and do not provide an industrials quantity not even a series of the same article.

y o u will be the only one who wear it while deciding to rent one of this chain in tailor.

Quality is at the core of everything I do. Every piece receives the jeweler's official signature. Every piece is fully handmade - and looks as such! Do not make the mistake of looking for a "perfect" and industrial machine-polish. I am offering a piece that shines in its own unique way, with its own story of evolution in the hands of a man, not a machine.

The necklaces themselves are the only elements ordered from outside the atelier.The wood jewelry box is tailor – made by a professional carpenter and according to my requires which fit every item.

You can borrow a fine jewelry too. Request a one-time rental for a specific event or work-days