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Looking forward to the next ten years, I am hopeful that most of the world will be vegetarian. People will then look at those few meat-eaters that will be left in the world, in the same way that we nowadays look at those who still smoke cigarettes.

Eating meat should stop; it is long no longer necessary for our healthy survival (on the contrary - it is mostly harmful for our health), and can therefore no longer be morally justified. It may be achieved by following some simple steps, including but not limited to:

Acting in such a way can dramatically decrease the consumption of meat. I believe that the same development that we have witnessed with cigarettes will then occur with meat. A new picture is about to unfold of a world where only very limited spaces will be reserved, that serve meat to those few people who truly cannot avoid it - as is nowadays the case with small "smoking zones".

Can we imagine a flight from any one place to any other place in the world in which the person seated behind you is smoking? Of course not. The same could easily be the case with eating meat.

Please stop eating meat. For those missing the taste, there are meat substitutes - that is, if grains, legumes, vegetables and all other alternatives are insufficient.