Geranium Gift
Material Gold
Purity 14ct
Circumference 5.5cm
Width 1.5cm
Weight 6.69g, 6.79g

I initially envisioned an African woman modelling these earrings as the most beautiful combination. My friend Maya however came to visit me and wore it spontaneously, and that is when we took the photos. I find it suitable for women around 40 years, but I am sure any person of any age with the right character could wear them with elegance. Obviously, these earrings can be a nice gift for your beloved. It is also possible to purchase just a single earring, and they are intended for any gender.

The number of pinholes on each earring is not equal. There are 7 pinholes on one earring and 10 pinholes on the second. It is asymmetric by design.