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I am a happily married woman. I love spending time at home and — from time to time — going away to visit other countries and cultures.

I'm vegetarian, and enjoy cooking mostly Italian and Mediterranean food while always using plenty of olive oil and vegetables. Everything is home-made. I bake bread, cakes and other pastry with great delight; but above all making jams is truly one of my favorite hobbies.

On top of that, I like spending some time knitting. I happily listen to classical or ethnic music, and I enjoy reading books: especially when I am able to read them in their original language. I read in Dutch, English, French and Hebrew.

A bit of yoga has always been part of my routine, and so are daily walks. From time to time, I also play the violin. Both of these keep me healthy in body and spirit, and provide me plenty of inspiration.

After a visit to Africa, I felt the urge to knit while inspired by the view of nature that I saw. And I also started designing jewelry based on trees and flowers typical to that continent.